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Skills Training and Resources - STAR-4th session-in class

The STAR program will provide people with disabilities the opportunity to become more involved, engaged members of the community, and gain the knowledge they need to work towards finding a job, a volunteer position or realizing a personal goal. STAR participants will receive individualized support and hands on training experience through experiential in-class learning followed by hands-on technical training. The goal is that individuals will graduate the program with the confidence to transition into a more self-directed job search, volunteer position or be on the path to realizing a personal goal.
STAR is a four-week program. The first 2 weeks are in-class and will focus on topics such as resume building, communication, dressing for success, learning interview skills, working with other personality types, goal setting, action plans and so much more! The second 2 weeks is individualized for participants according to their personal plans, job requirements or volunteer position requirements. If someone requires a Forklift Operator or Working at Heights Certification, Smart serve, Customer Service Excellence, point-of-sale training and so much more, we will book the training, cover the cost and work with the participant to realize a successful outcome!
One of the major components of STAR is personal goal realization. Through the creation of individualized action plans, participants will be able to explore their options and create a plan with the steps to achieve these goals!
STAR is open to people with disabilities (developmental, physical, learning and/or mental illness) aged 16-60. If you would like more information or to register, contact Carolyn Anderson. 705-653-5161 Ext 220

Course Date(s): 11/01/2021 - Monday November 1

Course Time: 9:00am

Course Cost: $


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